Word on the Street

City News and Rumor: Satyrsday, 15th of Crestmarch – Firstday, 25th of Crestmarch

- Innotch County’s Missing Hunters: Gone Without a Trace?
- “Unfathomable” Desecration of Treason Tomb!
- Vermin Infestation: Cliff Ward Tenement to be Razed!
- Carther “The Titan” Lampwick to be Hanged!
- Inheritor Caught by Whaling Ship “Salty Nymph”
- Zerich Treason: Buried Alive?

City News and Rumors: Moonday, 2nd of Crestmarch – Warsday, 12th of Crestmarch

- Torrential Rains in Lowlands Threaten Famine in County Freehurst
- Vondreaux Exhibition Caper: What Went Wrong?
- Magister Cecil Cloth Granted Extended Leave for Illness
- Renegade Wizard Brought to Justice
- Esteemed Engineer Dare Bellerose’s Dream Realized: A Ship Without Sails?
- Brass Feather Taproom Closed Indefinitely

News in the Town of Narrows: Songsday, 16th of Greentide

- Morale seems to be rising with the news of the White Eye goblin cave’s flooding. Several times now, patrols from narrows have dragged goblin carcasses into town with them; stragglers from the scattered tribe.
- A couple of ancestral tombs belonging to the Boltbiter clan were robbed.
- A message has been left at the Grinning Ogre for the party: Granted permission to enter by morning. Will survey the brewery barring any sudden change of plans.
- The message that the party sent to the Osprians has been returned; apparently they could not be found.

City News and Rumors: Thronesday, 14th of Cloudmarch – Fairday, 5th of Greentide

- Fair Winds Alehouse Reopens! Fire investigation continues.
- “They’re Real!” Woman Claims to Have Caught a Live Gnome.
- Vondreaux’s Wonders of Old: Turn of the Tide Exhibition “Incredible”!
- Council Considers New Laws Concerning Weapons in the Wards.
- City Watch Baffled by String of Kidnappings!
- Could Wake the Dead: Trade District Loses Sleep over Midnight Cries!

Word on the Street

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