The Tieflings

Favored Regions: Nearly all tieflings are born in Valcora, but some have been reported among the hill people in County Cromwell.

Favored Deity: Many tieflings refuse to acknowledge religion at all. Others see the Old Faith as a path to understanding why they were born as they are. All too many, however, choose to embrace their demonic heritage.

Favored Languages: Imperial, Ignan, Abyssal, Infernal, and Draconic. Some of these languages are said to be known to the tieflings from birth.

The vast majority of the demon-sired tieflings originate from Valcora itself; an understandable situation because it is the epicenter of inter-planar spill and demonic influence. It’s uncertain whether the women who birth these poor souls have been coerced in some way or simply invaded by demonic energies, but their plight leads them to desperation (It also helps little that most tieflings are born to young women with loose morals or certain professions)… most are handed over to the Enclave by their third day, but some parents can’t bear the guilt, while a portion of tiefling infants show no outward sign of their affliction until adolescence.

Universally vilified if they are discovered, tieflings lead lives of deceit, and it’s difficult to tell for certain if it’s their heritage or the role that is forced on them that leads most of them to lives of crime or worse. A tiefling who manages to reach adulthood is either exceptionally gifted or extremely sheltered; often, a dangerous combination of both. There are also cases in which Valcoran tiefling infants are smuggled out of the city and raised in secrecy, or else left on a doorstep in the dead of night. These few have perhaps the best chance of survival.

The physical ramifications of demonic heritage can be blaringly obvious or subtle enough to hide in heavy clothing. In the most extreme cases, tieflings are born with ridged crimson skin, flared tails, paired horns, nails like sharpened obsidian and eyes like burning coals. Understandably, these horrifying beings rarely survive long past childbirth.

The Tieflings

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