The Lizardmen

Favored Regions: Lizardmen outside of the jungles of Kesh are little more than primitive shamanistic tribes. Though a few exiles have made their homes in the swamps of the Southern Lowlands, all originate exclusively from the Kesh tropics.

Favored Deity: Sutul, the primordial reptile being for which the great lizardman city is named, is more a venerated icon than a worshipped deity, but all lizardmen are faithful to their beliefs and rituals without question.

Favored Languages: The lizardmen speak their own language, of which only half is verbal. A brief youth and a lack of real need make foreign language education mostly worthless.

Since the expansion of Avencia into the swampy Lowlands in the South, the Jungles of Kesh have been the feared home to strange beasts and unimaginable danger. Universally, extended expeditions sent into the jungles were never heard from again, and a wide variety of myths and legends were coined to account for this. After centuries of silence, the lizardmen have emerged from their secretive existence. Presumably older and more entrenched than even the oldest Imperial records, the Lizardmen of Kesh’s dense jungles have only begun to mingle with other races in the last half century. Previously, it was common knowledge that a lot of the lands seized by the Empire as it expanded into the Lowlands was wrested from scaled hands, and that the primitive tribes who remained were to be avoided as with cornered animals. It’s believed that the Kesh lizardmen are the ancestors of these backward Lowland tribes, who were perhaps forced out in a time before record.

Standing a foot or more taller than most men, the bodies of lizardmen are thickly muscled and covered in leathery scales of black to bright green. Sharp ridges and hornlike projections emphasize their features, as does a thick but tapering tail that usually measures half their height or more. They are exceptionally hardy, withstanding starvation, disease, and poisons with little discomfort, and the black blood of a lizardman is said to aid the body in fighting infection. Extremes of temperature, however, can have detrimental effects.

Little is known about the lizardmen or their history. What is known, is that they are a strictly caste-based society that has undergone very little change in the last 2000 years. The mentality of a lizardman reflects his cold blood; an emotionless way of thinking, and decisions based on instinct and training. Those that subsist in human settlements, however, have proven capable of social adaptation, to a degree. A marked competitive streak is common to all lizardmen, stemming from the way they are raised in constant competition with their peers.

Zealotry is what holds their society together; unshakable faith in the castes, in their rigid and ingrained thinking, and in their unforgiving reptilian god, Sutul.

Attributes: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence
Base Speed: 30’
Monstrous Humanoid: Proficient with simple weapons and shields. Glaive and Longspear are racial weapons.
Language Barrier: -3 Penalty to all social checks in other languages.
Tough Hide: Lizardmen receive a permanent +3 natural AC.
Counterbalance: The reptilian tail conveys a bonus of +4 to all acrobatics and swim checks.
Low-Light Vision
Favored Class: Barbarian

The Lizardmen

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