The Halflings

Favored Regions: Most come from the halfling nation of Tamora, across the mountains to the west. There are also small halfling settlements in County Innotch and County Fourswords.

Favored Deity: Halfling villages within the empire retain the Old Faith. Tamoran families may retain links to the Old Faith, but their society as a whole believes instead in spirits which live within all things.

Favored Languages: Halfling, Sylvan, and any elemental tongue they or their family feel closely connected to. Note that few Tamoran halflings are fluent in Avencian, as they mostly prefer to avoid contact with the Empire.

Though unattributed to any particular year, a great migration took place about three centuries ago. The sparse and unassuming settlements of the halflings that occupied what is now the Empire marshaled and moved en mass across the nearly impenetrable Worldshatter Mountains, for reasons unknown (Or, more likely, unnoticed). The exact pass or tunnel they used is the subject of fierce debate, as the logistics of moving so many through any of the known routes, on foot and with their belongings, are staggering.

They tell nothing of how they accomplished this feat, presumably to avoid giving Avencia a clear route for invasion or annexation, or just to discourage tourists.

News of the formation of the halfling nation of Tamora was at first a joke, and then a shock to the people future Avencia. Living in strategically placed fortress towns in the hills and mountains, Tamora gets most everything it needs from the sea and rolling wooded hills. A unique way of life has evolved in these three centuries, and most foreigners are unaware of the richness of culture and innovation they have built. A strict code of fealty, an efficient government, and a deep cultural identity have flourished under a hereditary line of queens. The Tamoran government is matriarchal in nature, and it is notable that Tamoran men are thought to be calmer and more suited for diplomacy than the temperamental, passionate women.

The Tamorans shed their religion over the course of the shifting of their culture, and no longer worship in temples of any kind. They instead believe that there is a spirit in everything, and that if you are good to the spirits, they will be good to you. Travelling Tamoran halflings have made a memorable impression on some people, with their quiet dignity and grace. Painstaking works of art and light, quick swords of beautifully tempered steel have found their way into the hands of the wealthy, and interest is on the rise.

There remain a few small settlements within the Empire, presumably those whose ancestors chose not to leave their good lands behind… and a great many other settlements are spread around the Egian continent. The halflings have always been an enterprising, adaptable people, who take care to be worth more alive than dead to the dominant powers of the lands they settle. Many halflings in the empire originate from one of these settlements or are lifelong wanderers.

The Halflings

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