The East

It could be said that the busy lifestyle of an Avencian trader leaves them with a world view limited to those they do business with. Across the Sea of Sorrows, Eastern Egias is composed of very old cultures and the remnants of crumbled empires. From clothes to pottery to spice, modern Avencian tastes crave goods from the exotic East.

Once an empire even larger than Avencia, the nation of Vycea is an ancient and theological monarchy that believes its leaders rule by divine right. Vycean architecture and design fascinate Avencian importers, while younger and more impressionable Valcorans adopt Vycean philosophies in pursuit of enlightenment, without ever really understanding them. It’s commonly believed that the former Vycean Empire crumbled under the weight of its own pride and traditionalism, unable to move with the times. Slave labor remains a pillar of their economy.

Kaliman, on the other hand, is a magocracy ruled by a complex web of mage lords with their own goals. Their close association with the arcane has lead to building distrust among Avencians in the last century, and Kalimite visitors are closely watched within the Empire. Nevertheless, exotic animals and materials, as well as much of the black market supply of magical goods, are brought into to port from Kaliman daily. Although they claim otherwise, Kaliman is recorded to have been part of the Vycean Empire ages ago.

Crux would be of little consequence to the average Avencian were the visitors not so memorable. It is a war-torn land of desolation and rage, inhabited by warrior-clans and orcs. Legend says that anger and violence are carried on the air there, and the orcs believe Crux was created by their gods for endless battle. Though they export no goods, Cruxian mercenaries are employed as bodyguards and entourage by visiting Easterners, and they stand out magnificently for their size, temperament, and outlandish fashions.

Mercovea is considered the gateway to the East, and is the closest Eastern port to Valcora. It is said that when the Vycean Empire fell, the merchant caste settled in Mercovea and claimed their independence. In this atheistic society, gold is faith. The majority of Mercoveans are traders, exporters, or mercenaries. To their credit, Mercoveans are generally well-liked for their lack of specific convictions and willingness to get along with anyone who has two coins to rub together.

The East

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