(Pending Re-Write and Expansion)

The campaign world is set in a slightly more advanced culture than is typical. The common man is aware of the existence of such wonders as clockwork and firearms, but is unlikely to actually touch such a device in his lifetime.

Aside from a few very rare cases, machines beyond the intricacy of a Heron of Alexandria’s or Leonardo da Vinci’s designs are beyond our scope. Devices that calculate astronomical positions, mechanical clocks, music boxes, and lighthouses are all examples of discovered technology. Keep in mind that the PCs are the PCs because they are exceptional, and will probably be more than familiar with a lot of the technological wonders common people can only dream about, throughout their careers. Electricity is an example of technology that is not included in the campaign. In terms of firearms, they are more a status symbol than a super weapon, in that their lack of complete reliability and any subtlety at all makes them very situational. A pistol is a treasure gifted by a king to an officer of his navy, not to be bought from the local smith.

Medical technology has also advanced to the point that the nearsighted aristocrat may be able to find and afford the revolutionary new ‘spectacles’. Though it is still mixed with superstition and snake oil, the practice of medicine has advanced as far as surgical procedures; a close comparison would be Roman medicine.

The abolishment of arcane magic has done much to spur invention, and among the more novel innovations Valcora is famous for are the sky ships. These dirigible vessels makes use of only alchemical energy, which limits their usage to a very low altitude. Though small in size, the expense of constructing a sky ship limits their ownership to governments and very wealthy consortiums. Sky ships are only the most effective, if mundane flying methods Avencia has developed. Valcoran ingenuity knows no bounds, as evidenced by the dirigible fish used to haul cargo in the shipping ward.


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