Favored Regions: All Stolvani bloodlines originate from the nomadic peoples of the Naj’hara desert. However, the nomadic spirit of Stolvani families has carried them far and wide in the last century, and they never settle long enough to establish a permanent settlement.

Favored Deity: Stolvani have different views on death and greater need for good fortune than other cultures, and thusly Gorath is practically considered a member of the family. From other aspects of their lives, the majority of Stolvani revere Delzoun, Deora, Lunaire, and Hajien.

Favored Languages: Auran is taught to all Stolvani children, and has been for millennia. They are exposed to the common tongue of their territory only when they are old enough to recognize trouble, and quickly pick up new languages as their wanderings demand.

Naj’har legend tells that their people bear the blood of Djinn, and that over three thousand years ago, before their emergence from the Naj’hara deserts, they fought their way to freedom in a bloody rebellion against their former masters. Modern Avencian historians have led expeditions in the harsh dunes in search of evidence of this legend, dubbed the Empire of the Winds, but nothing definitive has surfaced. So it is with the stories of Stolvani; a people descended from the nomadic Naj’har tribes of the deserts and universally afflicted with wanderlust. Stolvani settlements are never permanent, consisting of caravan wagons and canvas tents.

Raven hair and deeply tanned skin are common to all clans, but beyond this their fashions and affectations can vary widely with location. The Stolvani are said to be without fear, very cunning, and quick to master new skills. Their shroud of mystery is both an attraction and the reason they are regarded with suspicion, often driven away from settlements by an angry mob.

The truth of the matter isn’t any more ingratiating; the harsh realities of the world have forged the Stolvani into consummate survivors, willing and able to do anything it takes to maintain their safety and freedom. They believe that robbery and deception are tools of survival, and that theft is completely acceptable so long as the victim is not Stolvani and is wealthier than the thief. Needless to say, the arrival of a Stolvani clan is a time of great turmoil for any settlement too small to double the night patrols and assign escorts.

Still, few townsfolk turn their nose up at the chance to visit a Stolvani fair, especially in Avencia. Or the chance to watch talented Stolvani dancers performing moves that would get you arrested in Valcora. Most famous are the Stolvani fortune tellers, who divine the future through cards, dice, or more grisly means. Though this type of magic is generally considered older and more natural than modern arcanistry, distrust continues to mount. Stolvani are outright reviled by the Church of Aeon, for their close association with planar outsiders; they are taught to accept their place in the planar cosmos from a young age, and are believed to be able to see and communicate with planar entities.


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