Favored Regions: Skaadi inhabit the frozen Northernmost reaches of Egias, with the nearly impassible Worldshatter mountains as a barrier from the rest of the world. Their nation is called Fhaalgard, but smaller settlements can be found in Drakynir.

Favored Deity: The Skaadi pantheon is significantly smaller than most, and includes Arcalinte, Mara, Taudoc, Falkren, Erynae, and Deora. The remainder of the Old Gods may be known to them, as well as a few of their own invention, but they are all considered the children of these primary six.

Favored Languages: The Skaadi language is shares surprisingly many similarities with Lucerian, but isn’t similar enough to be used interchangeably. Giant is also known to the Skaadi, but usually used in the form of written runes rather than spoken aloud.

In a modern world driven by technology and ambition, the Skaadi are often considered a people lost to time. On the frozen shores of Fhaalgard, these exceptionally tough people carve out a living for themselves with all of the grit and determination of their forefathers. Over the long centuries, the Skaadi have remained isolated from the rest of Egias, both by the Worldshatter mountains and by choice.

It is believed that they are the descendents of Valgerd, the ancient empire of the dragon-men survived only by scattered ruins in Drakynir. The songs and oral histories of the Skaadi are passed down faithfully and have been for centuries, but even they don’t stretch far enough back to confirm their origins.

What is known, is that they live simply, arranged into hereditary houses fused by marriage and split by feud. Individual Skaadi are proud to a fault, believing that their deeds are but new threads in a tapestry their ancestors began. After so many generations, so many enemies conquered and beasts slain, there are few Skaadi who cannot lay claim to glory, and most treat these ancestral deeds as their own.

Consequently, Skaadi seek honorable conflict wherever they can find it, often setting ambitious goals for themselves, or carrying on age-old blood feuds with other houses over forgotten transgressions. The foremost concern of the Skaadi is their personal honor, followed by that of their house. Without honor, one cannot enter the hall of the honored dead in the afterlife, and their deeds will be forgotten by all.

Skaadi of both sexes rank among the tallest Egians, with muscular but narrow builds. Even the most weathered Skaadi sailor remains fair-skinned, and hair is rarely darker than an ashen blond, favoring pale golden. Despite their lack of elaborate social courtesies and disdain for those who amass worldly possessions, men and women alike take great care in their appearance. While their standards may differ from those of other Egians, they are begrudgingly admired for their rugged beauty.


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