Seasons and Weather

Northernmost, the Heartlands are entirely landlocked. During the winter, biting winds from Lenlocke buffet the Northern side of the Worldshatter mountains, sending cold fronts through Broadwood and Greymouth. South of these, a mild snow cover and partially frozen rivers are the worst of the Heartlands cold season. During summer, a fairly balanced climate of pleasant warmth and regular rainfall leads to good farming. Notably, the central Heartlands are famous for the beauty of their many trees and untouched wilderness during the early fall.

As a large peninsula, the Statelands are subject to warm sea winds year-round. The climate remains pleasant throughout most of the year, save for a few extremes. A bitter cold snap, accompanied by heavy snowfall, usually occurs around midwinter. Inversely, the height of summer comes with a stickiness that emphasizes the heat of a shining sun on miles of cobbled roads.

Early spring and late fall are characterized by greatly increased rainfall and frequent storms.
In the Lowlands, true winter never comes. Warm sea winds continue to flow over the marshes and maintain an insulating layer of fog and moisture. During the spring thaw, water from the Heartlands and surrounding mountains floods the many rivers and tributaries here for a few weeks. When settled, a marsh is formed that lasts until the end of summer, which is almost unbearable for the humidity.

The strangest weather experienced by the Empire, and recorded throughout Western and Middle Egias, is the temporal storm. Though extremely rare, it would be fair to say that these storms occur once every two years on average. Crackling blue-white flashes of energy mark this event. It is disorienting to all living things and can have unexpected effects on the passage of time in localized pockets. The storms usually last for most of the day. Townsfolk normally lock themselves away until the event passes, and several of the most noted works of art or writing are credited to the surreal atmosphere the storm creates around working artists.

Seasons and Weather

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