Powerful Organizations

Although some of these unions operate through the Empire or even the world, detailed here are their roles within the city of Valcora.

Castle Carre Dova
The seat of Avencian power.
The Emperor himself, who carries just under half of all votes among the Magisters’ Council on those occasions that he chooses to vote. His primary responsiblity is the leadership of the entire empire, leaving the everyday concerns of managing a city to the Magisters’ Council. He leaves his fortress only rarely, acting through his personal agents within the city.

The Enclave
Seeking out the taint of demons, and passing judgement.
The Emperor bestowed great power upon the formation of the Enclave, so dire were the circumstances. Closely connected to the Church of Aeon, they are above the law of gods or men within Valcora, in the pursuit of their purpose.

The Magisters
Makers of law, judges of men, and rulers of a city.
Nominated first by the existing magisters or Emperor, and then voted into office by the public. The Magisters are responsible for the Empire’s lawmaking and enforcement, as well as its economic stability. The Council includes former generals, wealthy noblemen, lifelong politicians, and even celebrated heroes. Each wealthy and powerful in their own right, magisters are famous for their political manueverings and scandalous intrigues.

The Crimson Hand
A precision instrument of Valcoran law.
The Hand was formed under the authority of the Emperor himself, centuries ago, according to rumor. Their exact manifestation varies with the telling, but all agree they are the Empire’s assassins.

The Military
A brutally efficient war machine.
Though the majority of the Valcoran military is deployed at any given time, reserve forces are available when the need arises. Prominent officers, such as the Marshal and Admiral, hold great influence and authority.

The Watch
Experienced martial law enforcement.
The second half of a Valcoran soldier’s six year enlistment is served in the Watch. No ordinary city guards, the majority of Watchmen have seen battle on the field, and are capable of keeping order.

The Church of Aeon
The New Faith.
Dominating the religious views of Valcora from the Grand Cathedral, the Church acts in the best interests of its faithful and its tenets. Backed by support from powerful people and vast wealth, they have the ability to exert great force in matters of government.

The Old Faith
The enduring pantheon of the Gods.
Despite their numbers, the people who haven’t converted to Aeon are divided by their seperate temples and priorities. Nevertheless, faith is a powerful unifying force, or source of leverage.

The Guilds
Strength in numbers.
Organized by their trade or general line of business, Valcora’s working class maintains numerous guilds and worker’s unions. The practice continues to serve them well, as the rapidly spinning cogs of Valcora’s economy can be easily shifted off balance.

Wardens of the Dawn
An alliance of heroes for the greater good.
In the Age of Heroes, adventurers were glorified and respected, unlike today, where they are seen as a more disruptive influence. Nevertheless, Wardens were formed to do what must be done for the security of the people, whatever the cost, and the traditions of this small but powerful alliance remain paramount.

The Circle of Seven Lords
Adding weight to the voice of the common people.
Using their wealth and influence, they claim to represent the needs of the Wards. In general, the public agrees. Operating anonymously, the Seven can be approached with civil problems and pleas through community leaders, and things seem to get done this way.

The Merchant’s Accord
The rich keep getting richer.
The Accord’s influence in the Empire is considerable, but within the city, they have the ability to throw enough money at almost any problem. Fortunately for the government, they are rarely unified in their intentions and concerned only with their coffers.

The Divinity of Man
Reaching for the heavens through technology.
Comparable to a cult, this group is open about their existence and views; that technology and invention can elevate mortals even beyond the gods. They’ve even erected a kind of temple in the Artisan’s District. Tirelessly pursuing engineered perfection, their exact activities remain obscured from the public.

The Midnight Brotherhood
An ambitious organized crime syndicate.
As long as the Watch is picking its battles, hounding the Brotherhood remains a waste of resources… which is why they allow a degree of small-time competition despite their dominant position. Besides, they operate much less messily than most thieves’ guilds.

Powerful Organizations

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