Organizations and Power Groups

Broadwood Company
Seasoned mercenaries serving the Heartlands.
Primarily a business, the Company has a reputation for making morally right decisions. Formed by an experienced former commander of the Valcoran army, from the disbanding Broadwood militia. They range as far South as Ironoak and primarily contract as guards or defenders. Members are treated well by locals.

The Church of Aeon
The New Faith.
Clerics and clergy of the New Faith aggressively pursue their purpose: spreading Aeon’s word, bringing mercy to those in need, and purging the unclean. Agents of the church range widely in nature and methods, from preachers to paladins. The religious unrest of the Empire means that members of the church vary in their influence from region to region.

The Dead Men
A nomadic army for hire.
Interested only in getting paid and spending it, the Dead Men began as a band of defected Osprian soldiers looking for opportunity in the Empire. With the addition of recruits from across the empire, especially the hill people, they are a formidable force if you can secure their loyalty.

The Dread Cross
Terrorizing the high seas for two centuries.
Once the most successful pirate fleet of the known world, the Cross suffered defeat at the hands of Atheron’s royal navy long ago; whether the latest sightings indicate resurgence or immitating admirers, the flags have been seen again in the Coins.

Dragoneye Dealing Combine
Merchant kings of the Sea of Sorrows.
Concerned primarily with sea trade, the Combine has its ear to the door of every captain’s cabin on the Sea of Sorrows. Dragoneye members make up the largest portion of Valcora’s most powerful privately owned union, the Merchant’s Accord.

Thousandheads Trading Company
Avencia’s most secure transportation.
As well as offering caravan transport and security throughout most of the Empire, they hold a monopoly on the vast majority of the empire’s raw iron industry. Thousandheads leaders fill several seats at the Merchant’s Accord

The Eastiron Alliance
Army of the bronze dwarven clans.
Traditionally, the clans of Eastiron operate independently. Rumors of Avencian invasion, however unfounded, resulted in the recent formation of the Eastiron Alliance; a combined army of warriors from all clans. For the most part, the Alliance remains in Eastiron.

The Enclave
Seeking out the taint of demons, and passing judgement.
Concentrated mostly in Valcora, the Enclave is an inquisitorial branch of the Avencian government tasked with finding and destroying demonic threats. At present, that mission includes the abolishment of arcane magic in the city. Agents of the Enclave rove the remainder of the empire, pursuing signs of corruption.

The Cult of Three
A Cult of Demonologists and Necromancers.
Exactly which ‘three’ the name refers to remains a mystery, but according to the Broadside daily newspaper, members are meeting in secret all over the Empire. A trio of grisly murders were the first of many crimes the Cult has been attributed.

Society of the Crow
The wizards’ underground.
Operating in small groups throughout Avencia, they are perhaps the Enclave’s most notorious criminals. Some believe that they provide a safe haven for runaway mages from the city, but the violent results incidents in the last few years have aroused suspicion about their allegiances and intentions.

Knights of the Four Orders
An old fraternity in a new empire.
The city of Freehurst was an independent city-state before annexation by the empire, and the Four Orders were its knights. They were forced to surrender in order to the spare the people of the town from the Empire’s wrath. Having been allowed to remain a knighthood after swearing fealty to Avencia, they must find their feet again.

Knights of the Star
Charged with holding back the darkness.
The ballad of the Valcor expedition into the Underworld mentions relief at the sight of the stars, after years in darkness. This iconic image was adopted by the volunteer force of Avencian men and women who stand watch over the entrance in Greymouth, which is large enough to accomodate an army.

Knights of the Griffon
Protecting the heart of the Heartlands.
Ironoak’s knighthood may be young, but from its heroic beginnings, it has fielded most valorous and spirited swordsmen the Empire has to offer. Each man is handpicked by the marshal of Ironoak himself, and elite members of the Knighthood ride into battle on griffons trained for war.

The Unseen
An unholy alliance of shapeshifters.
Once employed by the Valcoran government, a group of renegade shapeshifter used their abilities to steal sensitive information from the empire. In the years that followed, a number of mysterious disappearances of Valcoran officials were committed by a the group, calling themselves ‘the unseen’.

The Merchant’s Accord
The rich keep getting richer.
It is rumored that the combined wealth of the Accord’s merchant lords rivals the imperial vaults. Varied in their personal allegiances and goals, the Accord controls Valcora’s economy with the attention of a mother. A great deal of the city, and therefore the Empire’s power lies here.

The Valcoran Military
A brutally efficient war machine.
The storied history of Valcora’s army and navy has been the subject of legend and song. Supplied with advanced equipment and battle-tested tactics, Valcoran soldiers make up an efficient war machine. It’s a well-known fact that they have never been defeated in direct battle.

The Midnight Brotherhood
An ambitious organized crime sindicate.
Among the many petty thieves’ guilds and smuggling rings operating after hours, the Midnight Brotherhood is an enduring legacy. Well equipped and well organized, they are involved in almost every criminal activity in the empire, or closely watching it from the shadows.

The Port Pyre Irregulars
When you have nowhere else to go…
Port Pyre is the second largest Avencian anchorage against the Sea of Sorrows… as well as notoriously unparticular about those coming ashore. If they look like they can fight or at least take a punch, they can be recruited into the Irregulars: a mercenary company with connections enough to promise a fresh start.

Knights of the Wolf
Veteran lancers of County Fourswords.
Formed by the hero Jareck Navarr and his personal entourage after claiming the kingdom of Fourswords, the Wolf knights keep the peace within the county. When they are needed, the veteran riders and their trained wolfhounds respond to danger through the Heartlands.

Organizations and Power Groups

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