Favored Regions: Numegi typically hail from the clans of the Cairnlands, the White Wastes, or war-torn Crux. Superstition on their part has done as much to prevent their crossing borders as the fact that they are unwanted by other cultures.

Favored Deity: The facts of religious life for Numegi are simple; Life, Death, War, and Nature. Mara, Gorath, Sargonne, and Kayluna best embody their beliefs. Their religious imagery, however, takes the form of omens and totems rather than pictures.

Favored Languages: Even after they were absorbed by the Vycean Empire, long ago, there has been no single language spoken by all tribes.

In civilized lands, the Numegi are instantly identifiable. Weathered skin of light brown to bronze is often decorated with piercings of bone or metal, along with the scars left by a life in the wilderness. A heavy brow casts dark eyes in deep shadow, beneath a mane of oily dark hair. Though shorter on average than other Egian humans, a rigorous lifestyle leaves most Numegi in excellent physical condition, and many are heavier than other Egians despite their height. Individual Numegi tribes may favor colored war paint as a means of identifying one another. However, the most telling markers of Numegi heritage are the slightly pointed and notched ears of perhaps a quarter of men, and fewer women… Ears that indicate the presence of distant orcish bloodlines.

Despite their outward appearances, Numegi culture demands a measure of honor and respect for ones elders, peers, and allies. To the Numegi, nothing is more valuable than freedom, and long-term imprisonment is a fate worse than death. All Numegi share a mutual hatred for magic in any form, but whether this is an cultural legacy or a tendency to fear what they do not understand, is unknown.

Although they have been present on Egias as long as even the ancient Daedenites, the barbarian tribes of the Numegi have been doomed to an endless primitive existence since they lived under the rule of the Vycean Empire. Life in the uncivilized lands of the East in that time demanded constant struggle just to survive, and left little resources available for invention or experimentation. The Numegi might’ve eventually flourished under the rule of Vycea, were it not for the intervention of a more advanced and less beneficent culture.

To the Numegi, the Hesrada were the harbingers of cultural destruction. The Vyceans exerted little control over the Numegi, far more interested in valuable natural resources and in slowly assimilating these primitives into their glorious culture. But the Hesrada were ruthless, organized, and more than capable of seizing the ancestral lands of the Numegi for their own growing needs. As the decades wound on, the Numegi were pushed further from Vycea as the Hesrada established settlements in what is now called Kaliman. These years marked the end of any chance the Numegi might’ve had to advance culturally, setting them back hundreds of years as they were scattered into the wilderness to fend for themselves.


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