Mogrir Boldbrew

Mogrir is a son of the Boldbrew clan, born to Mogran and Yatii in the year 3060 by the Genovan Calendar.

The Boldbrew Clan is one of the surviving Bronze Dwarf clans that can claim proof of participating in the Worldshatter Mountain campaign against Baelestrix, the great red Wyrm, in the year 2810. Following the Final Alliance’s victory the Boldbrews were endowed with grand riches, allowing many of the more enterprising leaders of the clan to strike out further to the east, eventually settling in pockets in the Skywall Mountains and Valcora city itself. This amassment of wealth served the clan well for over two and a half centuries. However, in recent decades, the coffers of the Boldbrews have begun to run dry, and several Boldbrew infants living in Valcora fell victim to an outbreak of the Blackblood disease, dwindling the number of younger, capable dwarves in the clan considerably. Today, most of the Boldbrew reside in the small city of Narrows.

Mogrir resembled his father in many ways during his youth; a roughened and eager young male with a natural strength, along with a sometimes hasty and brash nature. He grew up learning the ways of combat and the use of traditional dwarven weaponry, as was passed down through the centuries in his Clan – primarily from his father and uncles. On his mother’s side, he began to grow curious in Yatii’s fascination with clockwork and intricate machinery – his mother’s deft fingers were accustomed to finer work in tailoring and needlework, but were later applied to locksmithing and the basics of engineering.

While it was tradition for a young Boldbrew male to stay within the city of the Narrows to serve as a soldier for his earlier years as an adult, Mogrir’s eyes were cast elsewhere. Having served their time as guards and local soldiers, Mogrir’s uncles were enabled to travel. They were warriors in their own rights, but later went on to serve with the Broadwood Company, the Thousandheads and other groups looking for bodyguards of precious cargo. Since he was a boy he loved to listen to tales from his uncles. Mogrir was swayed by these stories of the empire’s reaches: the majesty of Valcora, the legends of Ironoak and the Cloakwood, the history of his kin from Eastiron, and even the rumors of yet-undiscovered gold in Limecrag far to the south. After much heated discussion with Mogran, he was allowed to accompany some of his extended family on shorter trips within the Avencian Heartlands. As often as he was able, Mogrir observed the merchants and the traders; learning bits and pieces of the curious “Tradespeak” language, and some of the finer points of appraising the worth of gold, jewels and other treasures.

Needless to say, while Mogrir enjoyed the travel and the handling of glittering prizes, he felt that he would discover far much more wealth for his family on his own journey. Drawing what he was able from the shrinking Boldbrew vaults, and with the promise he would return someday to renew the glow of gold from within the stone coffers, he made plans for his own adventure. He was given a set of tinker’s tools from his mother, along with a woven scarf bearing the Boldbrew colours (Red and White) and one of his father’s warhammers as he set out alone from the Narrows.

Mogrir Boldbrew

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