Favored Regions: These are the natives of Western and Northern Egias, although the Cervaisians now make up most of Avencia. They are especially dominant in the River Kingdoms.

Favored Deity: Among Lucerians, the Old Faith remains unchallenged. All of the Gods of good and neutrality are openly worshipped as one.

Favored Languages: The Lucerian tongue has endured for centuries, but the times demand that the River Kingdoms conduct as much business in Avencian common.

Lucerians are the modern descendents of Cardea, an empire that encompassed Avencia, Ospria, and most of the river kingdoms. Cardea’s gradual descent into disarray divided the people and gave rise to a dark age of anarchy until new nations and governments established themselves.
Consequently, the Lucerians are a tough and hardy people, aware of their role within their communities and instilled with good values and common sense. Most Lucerian families place little value on education, believing that children can learn all that they need to know from an attentive family, and they are educated on the job.

Their traditional approach to childrearing builds character and moral fiber, and Lucerians are likely to be the first to stand against injustice. Whether it is seen as a flaw or not, they tend to see the world in black and white; moral absolutes. The conviction with which they uphold their beliefs defines the Lucerian character; it’s socially inacceptable to simply drift through life without a cause to champion, something that drives an individual. It can be as simple as doing right by one’s children, or as far reaching as upholding all that is good in the world; so long as conviction is shown through deed.

Lucerians respect heroism, sacrifice, and honesty, and are quick to identify these things even in the farmer who plows his fields tirelessly to put food on the table. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that other civilizations find Lucerians exceptionally easy to mold and manipulate due to their naivety.

They are the most numerous people in Northern and Western Egias, and are believed to be distantly descended from the same stock as the isolated Skaadi. They make up the accepted ‘average’ height of Egians, with strong legs and some tendency to build up a gut if sedentary. Their skin is light, even pale in some families. Hair ranges from steel grey to chocolate to golden blonde, and is typically curly. In Lockeholte, a great many Lucerian bloodlines have developed a hereditary stark red hair color.

As a people, Lucerians are known for their hardiness, stubbornness, and willingness to stand up for themselves or their beliefs. In places like Lockholte, they’ve forged legends and kingdoms on a foundation of pure human spirit. And just as readily, in the River Kingdoms, their unwavering loyalty has pitted generations against each other in centuries of posturing and rivalry.


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