Favored Regions: All warm Southern coastal lands of Egias bear settlements of Ignanti, including Dathali, Pyrea, and Kythera. They are left mostly alone, and rarely mix with other cultures.

Favored Deity: Ignanti favor those deities whose portfolio includes primal forces of nature or undeniable facts of life, and they often direct their worship toward those elements rather than a personified image thereof.

Favored Languages: Tribal dialects notwithstanding, the Kytheran language is often the only one an average Ignanti knows, being disinclined toward communicating with other races. All Ignanti settlements not in Kythera were founded by Ignanti who originated there.

In a time before recorded history, the Ignanti migrated to Egias from another land, and settled on the volcanic coasts of a region known today as Kythera. Archaeology would suggest that there they remained for several centuries, before the Night of Tears, an abrupt series of volcanic eruptions that tore Kythera apart. The surviving Kytherans boarded any watercraft they could find, and set out to sea, many of them separated from their tribes or families. So it came to be that other peoples of Egias became aware of them for the first time. They were given the name Ignanti; people from the fire.

Now spread thinly across the warm, coastal Southern extremes of the continent, most Ignanti have adapted well to life in the tropics and mangrove forests, or along foreboding black-sand beaches. There they live in a state of purity and happiness, as wretched as they may appear to more ‘civilized’ Egians. Outsiders are not welcome.

The ebony skin of the Ignanti is their most noticeable feature, combined with dark hair and fingernails worn long by both sexes. Their eyes are typically startling to the uninformed; almost universally, the Ignanti carry a hereditary mutation that causes their eyes to cloud and become milky through adolescence, as if blind. However, to the Ignanti, this signifies a coming of age and the ability to see the spirits.

Ignanti culture is a fascinating subject for Avencian sages, as well as a deeply misunderstood one for the majority of Egians. Individual tribes carry on their own religious beliefs, which are considerably darker and less glorified than those of other races. By and large, these practices are rooted in the tribal animal totems of ancient Kythera, but now vary a great deal, some having been abandoned or altered beyond recognition.

The practice of human and animal sacrifice as well as commune with beings of shadow and the spirits of the dead make Ignanti religions more comparable to cult followings. Virtually all Ignanti believe that their unique eyes are a gift from the elder gods, who created life from the primordial chaos. They maintain that, through truly effortless spiritual connection with the world and its deepest magics, one can across the boundaries of time and place.


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