Favored Regions: The East, where they make up the predominate demographic of Kaliman and a significant part of surrounding nations.

Favored Deity: The Hesrada tendency toward efficient organization, contracts, and an appreciation for acquiring the finer things in life shape their favor among the Gods. The promises of the New Faith, however, have gained a strong following of Hesrada living in the West.

Favored Languages: Old Common is spoken throughout the East, including Kaliman. Little memory remains of the original Hesrada tongue, lost when they were a part of the Vycean empire. Draconic, language of magic, is spoken among the upper class, as the poor are prohibited from learning it.

Hesrada are cultured, ruthless, and intelligent. They are taught throughout childhood that comfort is the reward for success, and conditioned to strive for excellence in every pursuit, without rest until they have achieved their goals. They are gifted spellcasters, and magical talent has ever been a foundation of power in their society. By and large, they believe that they are culturally superior to native races of Egias, and have been since they first set foot on the Eastern shores long ago.

Typically of average height and slender build, most Hesrada have angular features, high-arched brows, pronounced jaw lines and narrow eyes. Their hair is straight and ranges from a coppery red to black, with middle-toned or lighter skin, depending on how much mixed Daedenite blood they carry. Typically, Hesrada dress as far above their station, and fashion is less a hobby for the wealthy than a means of expressing superiority in everyday life. Facial hair is neatly trimmed, unsightly hair is shaved, and clothing is tailored to the individual.

Historians believe that the Hesrada landed on the Eastern shores of Egias thousands of years ago, but the circumstances of their arrival are lost to time. Evidence suggests that the Hesrada were accepted into Vycean society with the same rights as native peoples conquered by the great empire, but the Hesrada quickly integrated themselves into Vycean politics and carved out a better lot for themselves.

Modern Hesrada make for driven leaders who get results. Their ambition and penchant for organization have bred a people who respect law and boundaries, all the while probing for loopholes should need arise. The same could be said of their personal relationships; even the closest of friends keep a mental record of perceived weakness in one another, for future reference.

Among Hesrada societies, no distinction is made between the rights and priveleges of the sexes. Among a people so cerebral in their ways, the tendency of men to be physically dominant is of little use, and indeed Hesrada men are frequently more easily manipulated by their passions. Hesrada who do attempt to solve their problems with violence typically find themselves ridiculed into submission for their lack of control.


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