Egian Flora and Fauna

Avencian Flora

Bloodcap: A crimson mushroom that grows in the presence of iron. Interested parties ferment it to enhance the effects of a poison, and the iron dwarves cultivate it as a drink additive.

Briarpearl: A lustrous white toadstool with a distinct odor that is irresistible to reptiles of all kinds. They find themselves distracted in its presence.

Cithilian Bush: A thick shrub which produces violet berries, which can be crushed for making perfume. Cultivating them is expensive, and this coupled with the scent has made Cithilian perfume all the rage in Valcora. Dwarves find is disgusting.

Coalbark: A hardwood tree native to Wightlade. Jet black on the outside and ashen grey on the inside, they grow very straight in their native region, while examples found outside of Wightlade are always gnarled and twisted.

Crawling Oak: The telltale lean of these ordinary looking trees is the only sign of their unique nature. Each night, they crawl through the dirt on their shallow roots, slowly and steadily.

Fingers of the Forest: A rare sight in the Lowlands. A carpet of moss surrounds a towering stalk, thickly overgrown with shrubbery and more moss, and terminating in a white five-petalled flower several feet across. Legend says the forest is trying to replace a fallen star. There’ve been claims of Fingers as tall as forty feet.

Laural’s Lace: This floating plant can be found on the surface of wooded lakes. It secretes a mild paralytic toxin, which it uses to capture small fish as prey, feeding on released nutrients.

Rat’s Tail: An exceptionally hardy root first imported from the wastelands of Crux. It has overrun some Statelands farms, but fortunately serves as a substitute for expensive salt, which would otherwise be out of reach for poor families.

Starmoss: A luminescent velvet moss that grows at a certain humidity underground, from the ceiling. Translucent fibers hang below like a glimmering veil of stars.

Zaash: Imported from Vycea, these dried bell-shaped flowers are normally burned in incense during religious ceremonies. Their hallucinogenic effects are amplified when the flowers are pulped and brewed into tea. Illegal to sell outside of Vycea.

Wildlife & Fauna

Bog Stalker: Found only in certain parts of the Lowlands, they defy explanation and are thought to be magical in origin. Appearing as a 2’ stalk breaking the surface of the water, their rubbery heads consist of a single red eye-like organ and several twitching appendages. They leave most people alone, but have been known to swarm others.

Crag Beast: These ill-tempered, big-horned herd animals are larger than a cow, with a skull and fur more like a ram. They are kept and herded by the bronze dwarves for food and hide.

Egian Sea Hawk: Large dusky golden hawks that prey on other sea birds along the Blood Coast. They are the symbol of Valcora.

Moon Puffer: See section “The Sea of Sorrows”.

Kytheran Drake: A reptilian creature distantly related to true dragons, they grow up to 12’ long, with 5’ of that for a tail. They are lean and muscular, with scales of dark blue, orange markings, and flat spines that splay out behind their ears and elbows. These vicious creatures are used as mounts by Vycean enthusiasts and generals. Their availability in Valcora is limited, and usually one must pay an exorbitant cost to have one imported. They eat the flesh of any mammal, and have an unexplained rivalry with other reptiles.

Lantern Fly: Rumored to have been created by the Enclave, these blue fireflies inhabit the statelands primarily. They are especially attracted to areas or objects that radiate strong magic.

Osprian Warhound: A particularly loyal and tenacious strain of mastiff bred in Ospria. They are valued for hunting and as guards.

Ralk: A crustacean found in freshwater riverbeds. They are barely distinguishable from an ordinary stone when still, and children throughout Avencia keep them as pets. Their docility and natural durability make them a popular choice with parents.

Snapcat: These bottom-feeders look like ordinary whiskered catfish. They store an electrical charge as they move through the water, and can release it to stun prey when it comes near. The resulting snap and flash of light from beneath the water makes for a spectacle as they feed each night.

Egian Flora and Fauna

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