It is the understanding of most learned sages that the Gods concern themselves with certain aspects of the environment or mortal life, and that different cultures sharing the same basic values in fact ‘share’ the deities. Therefore Arkath, Dwarven god of justice, is none other than Arcalinte, the human god of justice, as seen and named by the dwarves. As illustrated, it is not faith in a name, an image, or a particular legend that reaches the gods, but faith or strong belief in the concepts that make up their divine portfolio.

This of course is thought to conform to the assertions of the New Faith; that the gods would not exist without mortal belief and are therefore not really gods at all, but spirits. Aeon is called the god of all things, having returned to the world only now, and therefore having existed without the fuel of mortal belief for untold millennia.

(THIS SECTION IS UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION FOLLOWING A REINVENTION OF CAMPAIGN RELIGION AND ITS ROLE. Nothing in this section is currently accurate. This is made possible by the fortunate coincidence that the current party has very little involvement with major religious groups.)

Greater Deities

Aeon (Any Alignment)
Portfolio: All Things
Weapon: Flail (Censer)
Domains: Knowledge, Glory, Protection, Nobility
Never depicted visually, Aeon is the sole deity of the New Faith, which has existed for some 350 years. Followers say he is the creator of all things, the only true deity, while the classical pantheon is an assortment of mortal beliefs made manifest. Thusly, Aeon created them, too. Worshippers of Aeon believe that for each living being there is a part to play in the divine plan, and that finding and fulfilling that destiny is the path to his side. The vast majority of Aeonics believe that a life of purity and piety is the right path, but being so open to interpretation, a great many extremists have chosen other ways in his name.
Known As: The Creator

Arcalinte (LN)
Portfolio: Justice and Law
Weapon: Greatsword
Domains: Law, Glory, Nobility, Air
Usually viewed as the leader of the Old Gods, he is logical, unwavering, and indifferent to mortals. Represented as a king in silver armor, bearing a judicial sword, legend says that he can take the form of a silver dragon. He is brother to Mara and Judge of the Gods. He is a bastion of strength for the old faith, for the immutable devotion of his followers makes them difficult to sway. His most trusted advisor is Mara, also his sister.
Known As: Lawbringer, The Equalizer, Tin Man

Gorath (CG)
Portfolio: Death and Fortune
Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Death, Luck, Repose, Water
A skeleton in black robes, with gold teeth and an exaggerated grin. The risk and thrill of near-death experiences have developed into a gambling habit, cited often by worshippers and detractors alike, and often in jest by both. His followers are said to manifest his dark sense of humor and cynicism. Always an outcast among the other gods, he encourages fast living and risk taking. A common diffusing phrase in dangerous situations is “Death is a gambler.”
Known As: The Ferryman, Bones, The Gambler

Mara (LG)
Portfolio: Light and Purity
Weapon: Mace
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Community
She is a benevolent lady in white, with hair like the sun. She concerns herself with good causes, and has become melancholy toward the state of the world. She is a mother to all mortal beings, and emphasizes a karmic way of thinking. She is matron of the common people, and her believers hold her in their hearts… in times trying for the gods, she remains strong, if busy. She is the sister of Arcalinte, and unlike her brother, she encourages her followers to exhibit tolerance toward new faiths.
Known As: Mother, Lady of Light

Halco (N)
Portfolio: Time and Lore
Weapon: Scimitar
Domains: Rune, Knowledge, Repose, Time
Imagined as an ageless bald monk with eyes that reflect all that you know, wearing obscuring and runed robes of white, he is said to see all things in all times. Halco records all he witnesses in the Scrolls of Time, and takes no part in the shaping of history, instead bearing silent witness from the back of his muscular, winged white horse. His faith teaches that it is not enough to collect and distribute knowledge, but to teach others by setting them on the path to their own discovery. Some believe that Halco is patron of gold dragons.
Known As: The Sage, The Librarian, Scribbler

Taudoc (CN)
Portfolio: Invention and Industry
Weapon: Warhammer
Domains: Artifice, Strength, Earth, Healing
Taudoc is prone to moments of great inspiration and a tireless worker. Envisioned as a great fire-bearded man of corded muscle and iron skin, he is husband of the goddess Kayluna. The change in times has bred a violent temper in him and shifted his ambition toward technology. No longer in harmony, he and Kayluna are estranged.
Known As: The Smith, Worldshaper

Sargonne (NE)
Portfolio: War
Weapon: Battleaxe
Domains: Evil, Destruction, Fire, War
Wreathed in flame, his passage awash with ash, the armored spirit lord of war wades into battle at the side of every soldier. By some accounts, his visage is more that of a demon than a man. He is as a brooding, wrathful berserker, ever in search of conflict and exultant in bloodshed. His followers preach that conflict is in the nature of man. Sargonne’s followers were the first and still the most vehement in combating the New Faith directly. He is a distant elder brother to the gods, and they are wary of him.
Known As: The Lord of War, the Heartless, Red

Lesser Deities

Akkarog (CE)
Portfolio: Chaos and Rage
Weapon: Greataxe
Domains: Destruction, Madness, Liberation
Imagined as a hulking, bloated figure whose true form is mostly obscured by chaotic energies, he is usually depicted as having no body from the waist down, his ribs bent outward and exposed to reveal chains that bind him to the ground beneath. It is considered an act of worship to leave out the chains, setting him free. His head is of horned bone, and he clutches a brutal implement of destruction in each hand. It is rumored that he was once a mortal chieftain of the Orcs. He is pure, unbound anger.
Known As: the Blood God, the Slaughterer

Baloch (NE)
Portfolio: Murder and Strife
Weapon: Shortsword
Domains: Scaleykind, Treachery, War
He is lord of murderers and those who seek the death of others. It is said that he was a mortal assassin who achieved immortality through dark magic, fueled by the lives he took. Usually represented by a shadow that obscures the face of a drawn victim, or as a serpent.
Known As: the Cold One

Cernunos (CG)
Portfolio: Demigod of Beasts
Weapon: Spear
Domains: Animal, Strength, Scaleykind
This faith has been considered dead for over a century. Usually imagined as a horned, elongated human figure with tattoos, cloven feet, and wielding a two-pronged hunting spear. He concerned himself with the thrill of the hunt and exhilaration of victory.
Known As: the Stalker in the Trees

Delzoun (LN)
Portfolio: Prophecy and Change
Weapon: Shortspear
Domains: Law, Knowledge, Sun
Delzoun is believed to have been immortalized by the love of his people, a culture now extinct for millennia. He is represented by the raven, both symbolically and in his purported physical manifestation: A monstrous raven the size of a small house, feathers sparking with the fires of change. Historians claim that many of his followers’ prophecies predicted the coming of Aeon.
Known As: The Sun King

Deora (NG)
Portfolio: Love, Beauty, Art
Weapon: Shortbow
Domains: Good, Community, Weather
Symbolically represented by the white lily, Deora is herself depicted as either a young man or woman of incredible beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Her following encourages open expression of the emotions, but also attends to the yearly harvest prayer celebrations.
Known As: the Maiden

Elizare (CN)
Portfolio: Magic
Weapon: Khukri
Domains: Chaos, Magic, Rune
Often depicted as a featureless woman of pure sapphire energy, with runed horns and a radiance like white-hot fire, or else a silhouette through which swirls of the universe can be seen. She is a temptress and a schemer, with a personality growing much more chaotic in modern times. Followers of Elizare are typically spellcasters, who look to her now more than ever to shelter them from the wrath of society.
Known As: The Lady of Stars

Erynae (LN)
Portfolio: Sea and Storms
Weapon: Morning Star
Domains: Water, Weather, Travel
Legend tells that Erynae is the grey moon. Legend says the form she takes on Azuyra is that of a gigantic woman made of water and sea foam, encrusted with the living reef of the deep sea floor. However, as there is no record of such an appearance beyond sailor’s accounts, she is generally believed to be seen only through omens or sea creatures. She is quick to anger and never forgets a slight. Her favor, or disfavor, is said to manifest in the sea.
Known As: Queen of the Depths, Widowmaker

Falkren (LG)
Portfolio: Strength and Honor
Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Protection, Glory, Sun
Patron of knighthood, he is seen as a knight himself in polished, antiquated armor. He represents chivalry and courage. Like many demigods, it is believed that Falkren ascended to godhood after becoming a saint among his people.
Known As: the Champion

Hajien (CG)
Portfolio: Exploration and Discovery
Weapon: Staff (walking stick)
Domains: Travel, Luck, Plant
Frontiersmen and wanderers revere the restless and inquisitive Hajien. He is illustrated as a good-natured travelling man of middle years but youthful energy, wearing a long travelling coat and carrying a walking stick. Some say he began as a halfling deity.
Known As: the Explorer, Seeker

Kayluna (NG)
Portfolio: Nature
Weapon: Sickle
Domains: Animal, Plant, Earth
Having fallen from her position as a major goddess, she is less powerful than she once was. Represented by a proud woman in a dress of leaves, with hair of white and eyes of liquid amber. The rise of industry that has stolen her influence is the realm of her estranged husband, Taudoc. She is a woman scorned. Rarely appearing in mortal form, she speaks to mortals through natural omens.
Known As: The Warden

Lunaire (LE)
Portfolio: Secrets and Mystery
Weapon: Rapier
Domains: Darkness, Trickery, Liberation
She is the mistress of deceit and all things hidden. She is shown as a dark lady in a hood and cloak of midnight black, her face obscured save for a knowing smirk. Sometimes, a stylized smirk is all that is required for a quick prayer, and they are sometimes found chalked in the alley near robbed houses. Little is known of this faith, simply because nobody can find out where they meet.
Known As: Shade, the Unseen

Malkys (LE)
Portfolio: Decay and Undeath
Weapon: Trident (a three-pronged staff-spear)
Domains: Artifice, Death, Magic
Worship of Malkys is outlawed in Avencia, as no part of this faith is of benefit to society. He is pictured as a desiccated figure in the tattered remnants of a grand burial robe, trailing death and disease behind him in a cloud of green mist. His followers are necromancers, or people seeking to become the undead rather than accept mortality.
Known As: the Flayer, Creeper

Rheyne (NE)
Portfolio: Ambition
Weapon: Dagger (Stiletto)
Domains: Trickery, Evil, Fire
People seeking to increase their station make up the majority of her worshippers. Praying to Rheyne is an act of desperation for some, and is frowned upon be most noble families as a dirty way to get to the top. She is imagined as a stunning, raven-haired daughter of a noble house with calculating eyes., clad in a scarlet dress with a feathered neckline.
Known As: the Devil’s Daughter

Shaluko (CE)
Portfolio: Pestilence
Weapon: Spiked Chain
Domains: Chaos, Death, Madness
Represented as either a hunched and disease-ridden old hag, or a swarm of vermin, she revels in disease and mass agony or death. Her intimidatingly long, razor-sharp fingernails are said to be brushed across the her victims as she passes unseen, sowing the seeds of plague. Some believe that she claims souls lost to pestilence for her own, and they do not reach the afterlife. This faith is believed dead.
Known As: The Hag, Dead Mother

Kalica (NE)
Portfolio: Vengeance and Lust
Weapon: Light Crossbow
Domains: Air, Charm, Strength
A manipulative and deceitful presence, she is represented only as a disembodied whisper. Her blessing is sought by those tempted by revenge or romantic desire, for the base need to indulging their passions and need to possess. She is the red moon.
Known As: the Whisper in the Dark

Sutul (CG)
Portfolio: Lizardmen
Weapon: Glaive (long-bladed ceremonial spear)
Domains: Scaleykind, Water, Earth, War
Sutul is believed by archaeologists and theologists to be a distant ancestor to the lizardmen of Kesh… many thousands of years distant. His images are carved by the thousands into the structures of the mysterious lost city of Sutulak, but outsiders are rarely invited to visit the city, and the lizardmen believe that allowing such scrutiny of their beliefs is a show of weakness. Regardless, he appears to be a kind of serpentine or draconic figure that towers above the trees. Sutul is a primordial and bestial presence that is more an icon than a deity. His faithful, all lizardmen without exception, advocate a rigid caste system, propagation, expansion of their territories, and blood sacrifice to sate Sutul’s hunger.
Known As: No alias.


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