Favored Regions: They are the purest strain of the old Vycean people, before the arrival of the Hesrada. Bethelon is the last true Daedenite nation, but there are a few people of pure blood in the East yet, as well as thousands of mixed blood.

Favored Deity: In Bethelon, ancient beliefs hold true, and the royal family is deified as the purest strain of the first Vycean emperor, a demigod. Religious services are a part of daily life as well as education, with faith being directed through the God-Kings, under the belief that the common people are not worthy to address the gods directly.

Favored Languages: Old Common is used to conduct all business, but they are a scholarly people and frequently study the tongues of other civilizations, especially the ancient.

A stoic and theological people, the Daedenites are perhaps the most divinely connected of all Egian peoples. In Old Vycea, absolute faith in their deities and the God-King were the foundation upon which an expansive empire was built. A prominent feature of their culture, which has persisted through the ages, is a loose caste system dictating that occupations must be carried on within families; children should be raised to carry on a family legacy, and no one should act above or below their station. Consequentially, Daedenites sometimes find themselves at odds when living abroad, being perhaps overly humble, or else unwilling to ‘pull their own weight’ by the standards of their community.

A Daedenite can be identified by the grace with which they move and act, as much as any physical feature. Grace and serenity, in word and deed, are highly valued traits in Daedenite culture. This may have given impetus to the founding of a myriad of ancient Vycean martial arts, which are still widespread today. The average Daedenite is tall, though not as tall as a Skaadi, and their bone structure varies greatly with their heritage. Over a thousand years of children following in the footsteps of their parents, despite limiting their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, has literally bred each Daedenite for the role he was meant to fill. Dignitaries are tall, with long and graceful limbs, while laborers are stocky and solidly built. All Daedenites share very thick and stubborn hair that ranges from auburn to platinum blond, making it difficult to manage in any style that isn’t either elegantly braided, bound into locks, or close-shaven.

By the fall of the Vycean Empire, Hesrada bloodlines dominated politics, in opposition to the Daedenite religious leaders. In the end of its days, Vycea was torn apart by conflict between government and religion, a power struggle between the ancient regime of the Daedenite God-King and contemporary leaders concerned with economics and military domination. In the end, the God-King and his most faithful Daedenite followers, numbering in the thousands, departed the falling empire and founded the country of Bethelon. Today, few pure Daedenites remain in the East.


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