Currency of the Realm

Wealth throughout the Egian continent is most easily measured in the weight of metal coinage, despite certain forward-thinking members of society proposing any kind of representative currency. The exception to this rule are tradebars; the preferred method of exchanging sizeable quantities of wealth among Egian merchants. Originally an invention of the long-ago Empire of Vycea that encompassed most of the East, other powers have continued minting their own tradebars since, stamped with their own complicated seals. While not light by any means, a tradebar is generally worth two or three times its weight if exchanged for coin.

The Empire mints its own coinage, as does neighboring Ospria. Thousands of Vycean coins, still the standard in the East, pass through Valcora’s port each day. For the most part, all three of these are comparable in exchange rate. Less common than these are the coins of the Dwarves, which are prized for the sake of their weight and grandeur. Ancient coins of Cardea, the precursor to Avencia, remain in circulation but are valued similarly until reminted.
(All values based on comparison to the Valcoran Crown as a 1gp standard.)

(1/100) Commons (Copper, rose relief)
(1/10) Shields (Silver, military shield relief)
(1) Crowns ( golden coin with a crown.)
(10) Sovereigns (Platinum, Sea Hawk heraldry)

(1/100) Talons (Crossed daggers, seal on reverse)
(1/10) Marks (Crossed Sabre & Musket, seal reverse)
(1) Royals (Profile of the king, seal reverse)
(Osprians do not use platinum for coinage)

(2/100) Shards (Teardrop, silver meteor on copper)
(1/10) Stars (Silver 6-point star on copper)
(1) Suns (Golden sun on silver)
(20) Moons (Large, platinum moon on gold)

(Copper is for making alloys, not coinage!)
(1/2) Orls (Hexagonal, square hole in center)
(2) Krols (Octagonal, square hole in center)
(50) Graels (Elongated octagon, two holes)

(50) Silver (Varies)
(200) Gold (Varies)
(500) Naval (Long with slots for special crating)

Bethelonian Temple Thorns (5)
Minted by an unknown temple during the 2nd age, few of these ancient coins have found their way as far as Avencia. They are more a curiosity than a treasure, as they are rarely found in any significant number. They depict a crown of thorns in bronze.

Widows (3)
The historical battle between Atheron’s navy and the Dread Cross pirate fleet, which took place in the sea waters surrounding Valcora, saw many of these pirate coins to the ocean floor. They’re still being dredged up, and usually get melted down. They depict a ship’s figurehead of a woman in silk.

Golden Ladies (50)
Their origins unknown, these large coins depict a perfect, divine visage on one face, and a lost language on the other… unfortunately the text on this coin alone isn’t enough to work out a translation.

Currency of the Realm

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