Favored Regions: Cervaisians settle anywhere along the coast of the Sea of Sorrows, but primarily in Avencia, Ospria, or Mercovea.

Favored Deity: The many nations that make up the continent of Cervaisia vary in their piety, but the Gods of the Old Faith are revered above all. Typically, the religious devote their faith to one deity in particular.

Favored Languages: Cervaisians are socialites and carry a wide variety of interests. As such, they are most fluent in the common tongue of whatever region they settle, and any other that catches their ear.

The term Cervaisian is applied to anyone who has immigrated from the continent of Cervaisia, across the oceans Southeast of Egias. The razing of Genova, City of Wonders, was the catalyst for the first Cervaisian refugees who settled on Egias. The majority of those who have come since hail from the technically and culturally advanced Atheron, or one of its surrounding nation-states. Althought it is dominated by a single race of man, the individual nations of Cervaisia vary widely in their values and concerns, making this the most varied ethnicity in terms of individual aptitiudes or attitudes.

In general, Cervaisians are ever so slightly shorter than Egian natives, and possess decidedly handsome features. Their hair is dark and thick, ranging from brown to black, and silvering quickly in their middle years. Their skin is generally light and olive-toned, but varies with the amount of sun they’ve taken in recently. Mandatory military service in their formative years means that most Cervaisians are familiar with physical training, and the majority of them retain a level of causal fitness, as well as an air of prideful disdain for those who have never been.

While Cervaisia is relatively stable, and most of its people are satisfied with their governments, the promise of a new frontier is enough to draw them to Egias by the thousands. When they arive, most hold high ambitions for the life they plan to carve out. Often, a recently immigrated Cervaisian may come off as self-important and dismissive in regards to the ‘backward’ Egian natives, and it is true that they are often better educated. Over time, most Cervaisians find their place among the locals, and learn to set these prejudices aside; or at least to express them more quietly. This is especially true in Valcora, where newcomers quickly find themselves lost among the crowd.

In truth, the cosmopolitan nature of Cervaisian culture, which has shaped a good deal of modern Valcoran attitudes, demands a certain level of blunt competition with one’s peers. Cervaisians are famous for their readiness to criticize one another, and it’s debatable whether this is mere rudeness or a mechanism that drives them to strive for excellence, and be above such remarks.


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