"Uncle" Jasper Boldbrew

Mogrir's great uncle, an aging warrior turned clockmaker living peacefully in Narrows.


Race: Bronze Dwarf
Demeanor: Grandfatherly
Stature: Slightly tall for a dwarf, but looking a bit skinny these days.
Hair: White, balding, and with a long beard in several small braids.
Eyes: Faded green.
Skin Tone: Ruddy.
Apparent Age: Elderly.
Clothing Style: Old-fashioned and gentlemanly, in coarse cloth.
Clothing Accessories: Carries a longhandled battleaxe, surreptitiously using it as a battle-worthy cane.
Noticable Features: His eyebrows have grown uncontrollably bushy.
Personality: Melancholy, Lonesome, Practical
Mannerisms: Favors his left leg when he walks, disapproves of things that are new. Smokes a cherry-scented pipe.
Location: A weathered stone house in the town of Narrows.


Uncle Jasper was a guiding force in raising Mogrir. He is the uncle of Mogrir’s father, and despite his surly demeanor at the time, he was asked to step in and help raise Mogrir while his father was away on clan business. Fortunately, his demeanor shifted quickly as he settled into retirement, and some Boldbrews joke that the escaping hot air was sucked up by young Mogrir, and he carries it still.

Recently, Uncle Jasper sent for Mogrir, asking that he visit. When he arrived, he laid the troubles of the Boldbrew Clan and the Town of Narrows the heroes’ feet. Mogrir knows his uncle is a proud dwarf, and wouldn’t have let on about the troubles if the situation were not truly desperate.

"Uncle" Jasper Boldbrew

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