The Man with the Gun

A mysterious thug in the employ of Merchant-Lord Vondreaux.


Race: Half-Elf Cervaisian
Demeanor: Flamboyant
Stature: Wiry, average height.
Hair: Platinum blonde, greased back.
Eyes: Bright green.
Skin Tone: Medium olive.
Apparent Age: Late 20’s.
Clothing Style: Tailored and in fashion.
Clothing Accessories: Very fine lambskin gloves, Deora’s symbol on a chain around his neck.
Noticable Features: Primped and pampered appearance.
Personality: Brash, Something to Prove, Adaptable
Mannerisms: Rarely travels without friends, makes grand gestures as if wanting attention.
Location: Unknown, likely Valcora or its surrounds.


Though his name was never discovered, his path has crossed that of the party on two occasions. The first time, he threatened them with a crude, loaded hand cannon, having surrounded them at their table in the Fair Winds Alehouse. He demanded they give him the royal seal, and told them that Bertram Barnes had been killed. When things got ugly, he shot the innkeeper in the chest.

It was later discovered that he had mistakenly believed the party was returning to Valcora with the royal seal of Cardea. Having fled the scene, albeit singed, the party later discovered he had hired an oblivious messenger to deliver a note after he left the city; “His blood is on your hands. The crows fly black.”

The Man with the Gun

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