Thane Tolke Boldbrew

An stalwart dwarven thane who is deeply concerned with restoring his clan to its former glory.


Race: Bronze Dwarf
Demeanor: Proud
Stature: Taller and stouter than most dwarves, even at his age.
Hair: A white mane of coarse hair, and a short beard split into five parts with golden rings.
Eyes: Dark amber eyes with a stern expression.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.
Apparent Age: Late middle years.
Clothing Style: Kingly, incorporating finely crafted mail.
Clothing Accessories: A thick golden circlet studded with white and red gems.
Noticable Features: An unusually narrow nose for a dwarf, said to be the result of having it pinched by a giant during a life or death struggle in the mountains.
Personality: Stubborn, Brave, Brooding
Mannerisms: Unusually stiff posture. In the tradition of dwarven thanes, stares petitioners into submission before speaking to them.
Location: The Great Hall of Clan Boldbrew, in the Town of Narrows.


Tolke has born and bred for his role as thane of the Boldbrew clan, and he bears the heavy burden of maintaining the morale and pride of a clan that may be in its final years. Though he can be stubborn, pompous, and authoritarian, Tolke is believed by most Boldbrews to have the best interests of the clan in mind.

Thane Tolke Boldbrew

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