Professor Celshire Kardebrandt

The party's only liaison to their mysterious employers, and a foremost archaeological expert.


Race: Cervaisian Human
Demeanor: Studious
Stature: Frail, stiffly postured.
Hair: Neatly parted white hair, thin mustache, and a dapper triangular goatee.
Eyes: Narrowed hazel eyes, always appearing thoughtful.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.
Apparent Age: Elderly.
Clothing Style: Well appointed and formal, but slightly too loose.
Clothing Accessories: Black handkerchief, magnifying glass.
Noticable Features: Missing left ring finger.
Personality: Driven, Peevish, Pensive
Mannerisms: Scratches his beard, then smoothes it again as he thinks. Drinks liquor from a flask, at his desk.
Location: An out of the way location somewhere in Valcora’s Gate Ward.


Celshire Kardebrandt is the former head advisor the Valcoran Ministry of History. His name is associated with a great many discoveries in the last 50 years, but now, few people know he’s even alive, as he’s removed himself from the public view.

He’s kept his current affiliations to himself, though he has shown a willingness to make decisions without the approval of any higher power. For example, when he hired the party to follow in the footsteps of the previous expedition he sent to recover the Cardean royal seal from Haunted Grotto.

Seeming completely devoid of excitement, he accepted the seal and the story of its recovery, and terminated their employment until such time as more is known about the artifacts they’ve recovered. He’s promised to keep in touch. However, now that he’s been forced to relocate, the party isn’t currently aware of how to find him on their own.

Professor Celshire Kardebrandt

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