Merla Lockrey

Professor Kardebrandt's temperamental maid.


Race: Cervaisian Human
Demeanor: Warm or Cold
Stature: Slightly boney, short.
Hair: Light grey-brown, shapeless curls.
Eyes: Light brown, with slanted brows as if slightly surprised.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Apparent Age: 50’s
Clothing Style: Simple dresses of classic style, but worn with age.
Clothing Accessories: Often seen with an apron and/or cleaning implement.
Noticable Features: Almost always has one, possibly withering, flower in her hair. High cheekbones.
Personality: Caring, Dramatic, Ignorant
Mannerisms: Prone to crying and easily upset. Dislikes any negative talk.
Location: Room and board at Professor Kardebrandt’s home.


The party has barely spoken to Merla, largely because she is convinced that they are dangerous criminals who assaulted her when they first met.

Merla Lockrey

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