Merchant-Lord Victus Vondreaux

A wealthy and connected businessman who seems dead set on acquiring the Cardean royal seal.


(The party has yet to meet Vondreaux, but he is well-known enough to gather some basic information.)

Race: Cervaisian Human
Stature: Tall and statuesque.
Hair: Cropped black with streaks of silver, bushy eyebrows.
Eyes: Chocolate brown, with high brows.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.
Apparent Age: Early 40’s.
Clothing Style: Layers of silk under rich and subtley embroidered jackets, usually in scarlet.
Clothing Accessories: A stunningly beautiful steel sabre at his waist, and cufflinks or buttons of precious metal.
Noticable Features: Imposing and confident, with a very even-toned voice as would befit a negotiator.
Location: A large, fortified villa in Valcora’s Temple District.


A fabulously wealthy member of the Merchant’s Accord, who has met with tremendous financial success, very quickly. He owns the land on which a number of tenements and rowhouses are built, and his income seems vast and stable. Rumored to be retiring from business, he’s believed to be seeking the next great flare of interest to determine what to do with his money. Recently, he’s taken to collecting archaeological artifacts, and regularly holds showings of his collection.

Merchant-Lord Victus Vondreaux

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