"Madame Voldova"

A creepy Stolvani fortune teller and Lidya's eccentric grandmother.


Race: Stolvani
Demeanor: Creepy
Stature: Stooped and boney, but seems larger under many layers of clothing.
Hair: Grey and bound.
Eyes: Pale brown.
Skin Tone: Pale olive.
Apparent Age: Ancient.
Clothing Style: Many layers of richly colored and light textiles, mostly reds and purples.
Clothing Accessories: A number of charms and baubles are sewn into her clothing.
Noticable Features: Wrinkled lips, large eyes, and a beak-like nose.
Personality: Eccentric, All-Knowing, Not All There
Mannerisms: Tends to rubs her hands together when she speaks, making spider motions with the fingers.
Location: A colorful caravan wagon painted with the words “Madame Voldova’s Spiritual Consultations”, traveling around the empire.


This old crone is clearly a powerful medium and spirit-walker, but seems to have as many tricks up her sleeve as a showman. Having been a gifted fortune teller since a young age, Madame has seen into the deepest mysteries of the world and glimpsed dark horrows most can only dream of… and has come out only a little “off” where most would’ve gone truly mad.

The party consulted Voldova on the advice of Lidya, who believed she could help to deal with Rose’s possession by an ancient spirit. Voldova advised hem about the spirit’s nature, and gave them a course of action, along with the warning, ‘Well paved roads demand the highest tolls’.

"Madame Voldova"

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