Justin Winters

Professor Kardebrandt's boisterous personal guard.


Race: Lucerian Human
Demeanor: Outspoken
Stature: Heavy frame, slightly tall.
Hair: Close-cropped dusky blonde, with a stiff beard evenly following the jaw line.
Eyes: Stern eyes of light blue.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Apparent Age: 30’s.
Clothing Style: Loose and simple, with a form-fitting swordsman’s doublet.
Clothing Accessories: Valcoran Navy boots.
Noticable Features: Jagged scar on his neck. Smells faintly of spicy sausage.
Personality: Passionate, Suspicious, Pessimist
Mannerisms: Shouts when excited, sometimes losing enunciation.
Location: Not far from Professor Kardebrandt.


Justin met the party for the first time when he believed they had made a hostage of Professor Kardebrandt’s housekeeper. Begrudgingly, and with visible difficulty, he has accepted the Professor’s wishes that he trust and cooperate with them.

Justin Winters

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