A twisted treant, claiming to be the last guardian of the forest of Notchwood.


The elder treant Briarmarrow resembles a huge swamp Cypress, and is as old as the old-growth forest of Notchwood. He is the last of the treants who once cared for Notchwood, and expresses great simmering anger at the state of his woods and the destruction wrought upon the world by mortal races.


When the heroes met Briarmarrow, it was apparent that he had been waiting and brooding in the center of an ancient swamp isle for many long years. He expressed an intense desire for the spirit of Saern’Sindal, which could give him the power to carry on despite the jaws of time shutting on his own soul. His purpose; to protect the woods and right the wrongs done there. Rose chose to give Briarmarrow the spirit, to escape the slow deterioration of her mind due to his posession… despite the group’s misgivings about Briarmarrows intentions. Once the ancient soul was within him, Briarmarrow twisted and became one with his own shadows, leaving the group in silence.


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