Bertram Barnes

An experienced on-site archaeologist who leads by tough love.


Race: Lucerian Human
Demeanor: Exasperated
Stature: Portly, average height.
Hair: Short, steel-colored.
Eyes: Blue-grey.
Skin Tone: Tanned.
Apparent Age: Late 40’s.
Clothing Style: Nearly always dressed to travel.
Clothing Accessories: Archaeologists tools, a thick gold ring bearing the symbol of Hajien.
Noticable Features: Often looks unkempt glazed with sweat.
Personality: Sarcastic, Cautious, Jaded
Mannerisms: Squints a lot, especially when speaking.
Location: A spartan home in Valcora’s Gate Ward.


Barnes employed the party on their first venture together, hiring them individually, and lead them into an ancient Cardean ruin half sunken into a swamp, in search of artifacts. Though sometimes scathing and a little irritable, it seems only because he cares. The weight of responsibility can be seen on his face; wrinkles of worry, long before his time. Despite his middle years and portly build, he bears a full head of silver hair and a very healthy tan. He wears the tools and accoutrements of an experienced on-site archaeologist.

Though once thought dead, he has resurfaced, theorizing that his false murder was a tactic to intimidate his associates.

Bertram Barnes

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