• "Madame Voldova"

    "Madame Voldova"

    A creepy Stolvani fortune teller and Lidya's eccentric grandmother.
  • "Uncle" Jasper Boldbrew

    "Uncle" Jasper Boldbrew

    Mogrir's great uncle, an aging warrior turned clockmaker living peacefully in Narrows.
  • Bertram Barnes

    Bertram Barnes

    An experienced on-site archaeologist who leads by tough love.
  • Briarmarrow


    A twisted treant, claiming to be the last guardian of the forest of Notchwood.
  • Justin Winters

    Justin Winters

    Professor Kardebrandt's boisterous personal guard.
  • Merchant-Lord Victus Vondreaux

    Merchant-Lord Victus Vondreaux

    A wealthy and connected businessman who seems dead set on acquiring the Cardean royal seal.
  • Merla Lockrey

    Merla Lockrey

    Professor Kardebrandt's temperamental maid.
  • Professor Celshire Kardebrandt

    Professor Celshire Kardebrandt

    The party's only liaison to their mysterious employers, and a foremost archaeological expert.
  • Saern'Sindal


    A millenia old spirit twisted by evil, moving from one body to the next.
  • Thane Tolke Boldbrew

    Thane Tolke Boldbrew

    An stalwart dwarven thane who is deeply concerned with restoring his clan to its former glory.
  • The Grey Maiden

    The Grey Maiden

    Centuries old terror of Notchwood.
  • The Man with the Gun

    The Man with the Gun

    A mysterious thug in the employ of Merchant-Lord Vondreaux.