Age of Ascension

Movin' On

I’ll make this announcement brief, but I feel that I should be the one to make it.

I am leaving the AoA campaign.
Before I move on, let me be totally clear that this is in no way because of its players, its DM, the story, or the setting. All has been cool and awesome.

However, losing the best part of Sunday afternoon has been rather troublesome as of late, and I’d like to get that time back for other projects. That’s it, really. A question of time. =/

I hope that you guys find new player(s) quickly, and that the campaign continues smoothly. I have allowed Mike to assume control of Mogrir Boldbrew and all of his potential future endeavors. I’m sure it’s not the last you will see of the guy in the story, and that he will continue to play and important part in some way.

Peace out.



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