Age of Ascension

Moloch's Scibblings On: The Cleaning of the Boldbrew Distillery

Return to home of groups-hairy-one Need to clean cold-boiling-water place Cold-boiling-water named ber Still not taste good

Went to ber-place Metal-Wolfs lifted to cut-trees Strength not always visible Metal-Wolfs without strength-of-inner-fire Look around ber-place See greens in ber-place Go under ber-place More greens under earth Group ran Showed strength of Sutul to green army why run from few

Back in home of groups-hairy-one found caste help Went to ber-place again Greens waiting Strength of Sutul wins Big-dumb-greys in hall of ber-place Remove all big-dumb-greys and greens under earth

Find half-Metal-Wolf Never know how others choose caste Caste is given All are what are to be Can not change half-Metal-Wolf better than full-Metal-Wolf Hid like toothy-night-rodent

Ceremony in home of groups-hairy-one Too much ber Hairy-one tried taking great-winged-one skin Showed hairy-one voice of the people



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