Age of Ascension

Moloch's Scibblings On: Casing Vondreaux's Estate

Return to city Warrior-caste from old-teacher visited Old-Teacher Leader-Caste at home of old-teacher Unsure of work outside caste of city Leader-Caste wanted knowings on important-merchant

Group takes taken-old-dried-earth to important-merchant house False image like flying-spotted-cloth-worm Important-Merchant has partee Still not totally know pink-ones years-old-doings (Trahdishun) Funny that upper-caste much like ruling caste in Sutulak No warrior or worker caste at partee

This-one know all compared to trap-seer with knowings of cross-caste-speak Important-merchant showed bones Plenty of bones in Sutulak Not important Dead is dead Pink-one took shiny-hand-gem Big distraction Trap-seer went to important-merchant lair Found wrapped-tree-skin with writing

Also found tree-skin loose Speak-Teacher Grey on tree-skin Maybe ask Met with one Leader-Caste Near dead Hunter fled Leader-Caste inner-fire helped by this-one Gave to old-teacher Must Follow up on hints



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