Age of Ascension

Moloch's Scibblings On:

The Exorcism of Rose

Fire-thrower sick holds two inner-fires Saw elder-of-trap-seer Played dead tried to scare Gave sweet-grain-with-berrys Why berrys Too sweet sometimes poison

Elder-of-trap-seer talked to spirits Sutul showed hut with fire Fire-thrower other-inner-fire old point-ear

Angry spirit

Elder-of-trap-seer told of lake went to swamp Many-legs tried to eat when sleep Cooked many-legs instead Found tusk-beast in swamp Others lack strength Sutul give This-one free tusk-beast Tusk-beast follow path Group follow path Find hut from Sutul-vision Dig under ground Find dead-fighter

Tell group story of Grey-one and dead-fighter Take sharp-pole Grey-one return Group leaves

Grey-one deal with demons No place-in-any-caste Must finish when able to bring full power of Sutul

Found lake went to center Many trees One speak to fire-thrower Needed new inner-fire Fire-thrower gave This-one unsure of choice Good thing tree burns



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