Welcome to the Age of Ascension campaign page. This intro is probably complete unnecessary for the players, who will hopefully visit at least weekly. However, I’ve found some excellent campaigns just browsing Obsidian Portal for inspiration and adventure logs to read, and I know we might have visitors.

Ascension takes in a completely scratch-written setting. Like a lot of DMs, I’ve had a certain combinations of ideas and places recurring in my writing for many years, and recently I had the inspiration to put most of it into a single document… which ended up about 34000 words long. With all involved being experienced roleplayers, if not D&D players, I have high hopes for a campaign that will last a while. The structure is free-form; although a story arc has been crafted, it’s only the skeleton of the campaign. This leaves wide gaps in which the players can tell me what they’d like to experience next, whether because their characters want to or because they just have a taste for a specific genre or enemy this week.

It would be fair to call this a subtle points-of-light campaign, as the phrase coined with the release of 4th edition. Although there are few you can truly trust, few true places of safety, they’re out there, and they need your skills to keep from winking out. The subtlety comes in with the overall atmosphere of the campaign; intrigue features heavily, often in the setting of Valcora, a thriving and dark metropolis with a rich and secret history. But it wouldn’t be D&D without swords and sorcery adventure on the frontiers of the world, so expect to put the darkness on the defensive once in a while.

Age of Ascension

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